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About Us

Lovely Widgets are your new choice for the best Browsing Experience!

We’ve been working on finding the best solution for your Chrome Browser and here we are! Lovely Widgets at your service. With a cool and simple look, you will be able to enjoy your favorite movie, cartoon, TV Show, sports team, flower, nature, landscape and more!

The UX is so simple and you will have all your favorite stuff in one place! The New Tab

Your now fully customizable new tab will have your favorite wallpapers in one place. You can choose your favorite wallpaper and set it as default or you can shuffle them on random mode! We are doing our best to find the finest wallpaper selection for your taste and we love feedback so make sure you write to us with your suggestions!

Let’s not get too serious with the minimalism and we will make you happy to say that we have implemented cool games into the extensions and you may be able to play and reach high scores every day for free as long as you like it! These short games will help you relax and take rest from your daily obligations.

With our Lovely Apps, you may be able to visit your favorite apps quickly and without problems! You may add new apps and remove them as well. Besides that, the bookmark option will also not be far away and you may be able to visit your favorite websites or blogs, with just one click!

We know what you might like! So we’ve made it easier for you to reach your favorite offers and get special discounts and prices, only for you! Access the websites easy and without obstacles!

We’ve provided various shortcuts as you may see and with that, everything is accessible and noticeable very easy! We’ve also implemented the suggestions so we could help you with what you may be searching!

The time and the weather is something we are also looking forward to sharing with you since it is important to be present and know the exact time and weather. With our weather widget, you may be able to see the weather forecast for the following 5 days, so your trips can be well planned and so that you know what to expect.

Lovely Widgets is Open for Your Suggestions

We love sharing ideas and learning from your experience! Feel free to contact us at any time so that we can find out what you might find interesting and so that we can always improve our offer and UX.

Here are some words from our users! Thank you so much for choosing LovelyWidgets

I love Lovely Widgets so much! I am enjoying every new tab and I have no distractions, except of course, the games. But I only use my games when I want to relax a bit and just reset for my new daily tasks! The widgets are also very useful and everything is accessable and just, it’s just there. Everything I need is just one click away! Thanks guys! – Alan Slowitski

Thanks, Alan, we appreciate your feedback regarding the shortcuts and feel free to share your opinion with us!

Simple, elegant and FUNNNN! These are the atributes I connect to Lovely Widgets! What is more, I love receiving cool news and uptates and I am looking forward to new updates and improvements that you prepared. While I am here, could you make a Pink Themed extension for me as well? Than you team! You are the best! – Nina Lenneth

Nina! Thank you! We love reading your comments on our extensions and we loved your suggestions about new extensions as well! Everyone else seems to enjoy them, and we are more than happy to make this one as well!