See The First Meme Ever Made!

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See The First Meme Ever Made!

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Let’s be honest, memes are a worldwide social phenomenon and a good meme is just a small thing that can instantly brighten up a bad mood and make you smile. Memes also bring people together, since about forty percent of today’s’ chats on Instagram and Twitter mostly consist of meme exchange and meme swap.

The First Meme Ever Made!

The definition of a meme is a virtually transmitted cultural symbol or a social idea. Memes today are mostly meant to be funny and many are meant to ridicule some social behaviors. Memes can also be in the form of a short video and verbal expressions.

And now, what is the first meme ever published, you wonder?

Here it is, folks.

The First Meme Ever Made

When this comic was posted on Twitter, it wasn’t expected that it will get as much attention that it got. This comic started great excitement because, allegedly, many people thought that it was the first meme EVER published.

This comic was discovered as early as the year of 1921, but even that is under the dispute. It was found in a 1921 edition of the satirical magazine The Judge, printed by the University of Iowa.

What’s interesting is that the comic book was credited to another magazine – the Wisconsin Octopus, printed in the University of Wisconsin somewhere between 1919 and 1959.


The First Meme Ever Made!

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The First Meme Ever Made!

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The First Meme Ever Made!

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