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He was described as “the trickster god and deity of mayhem and mischief.” Loki is both a god and Jotun (like the Titans and Giants in Greece). In the beginning, Loki was the god of fire and the human spirit; according to most creation myths, he gave man “warm blood,” i. emotions and intuition. He also played the role of a trickster: his myths (similar to the stories of the Greek Hermes, or the Coyote of the North American Indians) often deal with practical jokes and jokes he performed over other Gods. So he stole Freya’s necklace, shaved Thor’s wife Sif’s hair while she slept, and once even made a cardinal mistake by allowing the giant Thiassi [Tiasi] to take away the Goddess of Youth, Idun, which almost caused the Gods to die of old age. In all cases Loki played a key role in solving the problem; and the solutions had a profound impact on the course of events. Often the Gods were in a better position after Loki’s jokes than they were before. Loki is known as the god of mischief and intrigue in Norse mythology. Called both Lopt and Hvedrung, he is not really a god, although he lives with them in Asgard.

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Now back to why you are really here. So this great extension is absolutely free. We have added cool features to this Loki Marvel wallpaper extension, which will make your browsing experience more fun and adjusted and suitable for all your needs! This item is available in the Chrome Store and just by clicking at the Add to Chrome button, you will install the extension. Show/hide elements while playing with your browser and play some games while you are at it. So make your Browser suitable for your needs!

Extension Features

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So all our Wallpaper extensions have the same features and we are always working on ways to improve our UX and give you the best possible product. All our extensions have: Local time and weather option, bookmark, picking your favorites, newsfeed, facts, and games. So read about updates and features here. So feel free to share with your friends and let us know what you think.

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  • Angelina   Said : July 25, 2020 at 10:36 pm

    I honestly really love this extension. Every one of them is of Loki, as it should be, and all the pictures are good quality. It’s a nice touch to my computer. 🙂

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